The tissue culture laboratory of the firm, Bhatti Tissuetech, is equipped with the latest micro propagation and diagnostic techniques so as to deliver virus free material. Bhatti Tissuetech is among the very few potato tissue culture laboratories to be recognized by Department of Biotechnology (Govt. of India). Activities in various sections of the laboratory are undertaken by scientifically trained and technically competent staff.

The micro propagation unit is equipped with the finest equipment for sterilization, media preparation, nodal cuttings, microplant growth and germplasm storage. All the instruments are calibrated semi-annually to ensure proper functioning. The growth rooms have a capacity to hold 0.65 million plants.

For further multiplication of virus free microplants, the laboratory has a state of the art aeroponics unit and insect proof net houses. The aeroponics unit is licensed from the Central Potato Research Institute (CPRI) and has a capacity to produce 2 million aerotubers annually. The net houses cover an area of 10,000 m2 and have a capacity to produce 3 million minitubers.

To ensure quality seed, the laboratory recently set up its own diagnostic facility. The diagnostic facility is equipped with techniques namely ELISA, PCR and Real-time PCR. In vitro plants are subjected to rigorous molecular testing after each cycle of multiplication. Also, adequate representative samples are tested from the aeroponics units and net houses to ensure production of virus free propagules.