Tuber Characteristics

  • Primary tuber flesh colour : Cream
  • Tuber eye depth : Shallow
  • Tuber shape : Long to oval
  • Tuber skin colour : Red
  • Tuber skin texture : Rough

Tubering Characteristics

  • Internal rust spot : Very infrequent
  • Resistance to external damage : Resistant
  • Tuber shape uniformity : to medium
  • Tuber size : Small to medium

Plant Characteristics

Flower colour : Red violet
Flower frequency : Frequent
Foliage cover : Moderate to good
Growth habit : Erect to very erect
Maturity : Intermediate

Utilisation Characteristics

After cooking blackening : None
Cooking type / 411 Cooked texture : Mealy (floury type)
Frying colour : Dark

Resistance To Fungal Diseases

Resistance to late blight on foliage: Medium
Resistance to late blight on tubers: Medium, High to very high

Resistance To Bacterial Diseases

Resistance to common scab (Streptomyces scabies) High to very high